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Sites Geared Mainly to Women:
If you're a WAHM, or thinking about joining the ranks of WAHMdom, you need to check out the resources at these great sites.

Mom's Network Exchange
This wonderful site has so much information that you might have to make several visits before you devour it all! Be sure and sign up for their newsletter, pick an email forum or two, read their very specific message boards, and once you get your own site, sign up for their banner exchange.

Digital Women
Digital Women has tons of information for women business-owners, whether you work from your home or not. This isn't just a "how-to" site -- it's a "how-to-do-it-RIGHT" site.

Extreme Women
Not just another directory of women in business, but an advertising co-op. Free memberships also available.

Field of Dreams
another directory of women in business offering support, a great mailing list, ideas and inspiration.

iWomen Online Network
A Woman Owned Business Search Engine. A Network for Women In Business. Women Helping Women Succeed In Business. A place to meet and network with Work At Home Moms and all women in business. [This site is just starting up, but I predict that it will be big.]
the online magazine for work at home moms -- Is every day at your office "Take our Daughters to Work Day"? Are there Legos under your desk? Is your coffee pot the most used appliance in your home? Then you're a WAHM, and this is your magazine.

Dedicated to women in business, WomanOwned provides business professionals networking opportunities and business information to assist in achieving success.

Bizy Moms
Liz Folger literally wrote the book on how to be a successful WAHM, and she shares tons of information about it on her site. Be sure to read her section on how to avoid scams before you sign up for any "make money at home" offers.

General Home Business Sites:
You don't have to a mom to benefit from the information at these sites.

Small and Home Based Business Links
A one-stop place to find gobs and tons of sites that will help you succeed in your home business.

U.S. Small Business Adminstration
Tons of information on starting, managing, and growing your small business.

Paul and Sarah Edwards
Their books are wonderful, but even if you don't buy a book, you'll find practical information to keep you on site for awhile.

Your Home
a monthly e-zine to help you start, grow, and succeed in your home-based business

Web Addresses:
Your URL (Uniform Resource Location) is the address that people use to find your website. You can have this in a variety of formats, depending on your webhost and how much you are willing to spend. Examples are:
* Default Address Assigned by Your WebHost (e.g.
* Vanity Domain (e.g. Some webhosts provide vanity domain addresses which include your chosen name as part of the domain, as a prefix to the host's own domain name. These are not registered with InterNIC.
* Your Own Domain Name (e.g. You don't have to have your own domain name, but it helps increase your credibility. You can register your own .com or .org domain name at InterNIC. Also, some webhosts will do the InterNIC registration for you (,

WebHosts: If you want to have a website, you need someplace to put it.
Your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) may include webhosting services as part of your basic package or for an additional charge. Some ISPs may not allow business sites, or may provide an insufficient amount of storage. Some may also impose restrictive limits on the bandwidth you can use (amount of data that can be accessed from your site in a given block of time). Some other options are to look into the various free or for-pay webhosts to be found on the net:

Free Webhosting Services for Business Sites
Moms Network Exchange Suites
free yellow

Paid Webhosting Geared Toward Women in Business
Moms Network Exchange Commons
Digital Gateways
Field of Dreams Webhosting

General Purpose Full-Service Webhosts
These companies provide a broad spectrum of webhosting services and support. They generally have a range of service packages available depending upon your needs and the price you are willing to pay. These companies may also provide (for additional fees) services such as domain name administration, custom email handling, autoresponders, mailing lists, shopping carts, secure servers, and a variety of helpful utilities. This is a competitive field, so you will need to compare prices and services to decide what company and what package is right for you.
Our main webhost is
Another service we have used is


VirtualPROMOTE is my favorite learning site! And it's all totally FREE! You could spend days here! Be sure to sign up for the Gazette and check out the Helpware Directory.

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines
Search engine listings -- these are just some of the big ones
Look Smart
Northern Light
Yahoo! before you even attempt to get listed with Yahoo, check out what Virtual Promote has to say about how to get in - it isn't easy, but you NEED to be here.

Pay for Submission services - Robert Woodhead's "pay if you're pleased system." I just submitted my site via I'll let you know about the results.

Banner Exchanges
In simple terms, a banner exchange is where you put someone else's banner on your page, and they put yours on their page. If you want your banner to be on a lot of different pages, sign up for a banner exchange program. Typically, once you sign your site up, the exchange will give you some html code to put on your site, and you'll tell them where they can find your banner. Each time someone views an exchange banner on your page, you get credits toward having your banner shown on another page in the exchange. What you want is for someone on that other site to see your banner, say, "Wow! I've got to check that site out!" then click on your banner and come to your site.

This is what a LinkExchange banner looks like.
Click on the part that says LinkExchange to look around, and don't forget to sign up for the LE digest, even if you don't sign up for banner service.

Mom's in Business Banner Exchange
This is what a MIB banner looks like.
Moms in Business Banner ExchangeMoms in Business Banner Exchange
Moms in Business Banner Exchange
This is a great banner service to belong to if you are targeting women with your advertising.

For more information on working at home, check out Our Best Advice: Business Women on the Web share their Tips for Success and So You Want to Be a WAHM, Ma'am? My First Year as a Web-based Work at Home Mom.

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