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Bookmark Circle Time now, then check out the links below for annotated links to online toystores, toy manufacturers, and toy safety information. We hope that these links will help you to find useful, educational, safe, and FUN toys for your children.

Online Stores

Toys, videos, video games, software, music, plus a low price guarantee! What more could you want? Circle Time is an eToys affiliate because it's my favorite online toy store, and I've had fantastic service when I've ordered from them.
Smart Choices for Growing Kids. Check out the great educational and just plain fun software, videos, and toys. You can use the customer reviews to help make your selection, enter a contest for free software, and send gift certificates to your friends. Circle Time is a affiliate, which means I've ordered from them and I've gotten great service.

red rocket
This site is easy to navigate, and they have product reviews sent in by kids and their parents.

If your town is anything like mine, the Wal-mart parking lot will be packed from the day after Thanksgiving to the week after New Year's. Avoid the crowd and shop online, where shipping on most items is just $3, express shipping is just $5. On select items the shipping is FREE!

Toys R Us
As you might expect, Toys-R-Us has a mega site with tons of toys, a kids' activity area, and suggested toys for differently-abled kids.

Holt Educational Outlet
This site was designed for teachers by one of the large educational publishing companies, and it has the look and feel of your old social studies textbook -- the language is kind of dull, but the information is accurate, and you'll find good prices on educational toys.

FAO Schwartz
Just win the lottery? Surprise your kids on Christmas morning with a full-sized, hand-crafted, Bavarian carousel for just $75,000. The rest of us will look for more moderately-priced treasures in this "child's dream come true" toy store.

Books make great gifts for children as well as adults. Click here to go to our annotated links for Online Bookstores. Circle Time is an affiliate of,, and Cherry Valley Books.

Toy Manufacturers

Toy Manufacturers of America
This website has toy safety information, toy industry publications and guidelines, and listings of TMA member companies.

art supplies and activity kits for exploring science and nature. Here you'll find good descriptions of the products, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the kit, and a place to ask to ask the company your questions.

Alexander Doll Company
Home of Madame Alexander Dolls. You can't order the dolls online, but you can browse through their catalogs, which include suggested retail price, and find a dealer near you.

American Girl
This web site is a celebration of American girls, past and present. You'll find tons of information about the dolls in the American Girls Collection and the historical periods they represent. They don't sell the dolls online, but you can request a catalog.

Home of the Power Rangers, Beetle Borgs, and Tamagotchi.

THE site for collectors and those who just want to play dolls. You can browse through the retail and collectible catalogs and shop online via a link to the Mattel store -- you can even design your own Barbie!

Best known for the wooden railway system. Find out about the whole product line, the history of the company and its philosophy, and where to find a retailer near you. Don't miss the "Preschool for Parents" section which has great ideas on what to look for in a toy. Brio has just introduced a line up of Richard Scarry figures, cars, train ,and playsets -- it's on the top of my son's Christmas list

Discovery Toys
Discovery Toys are sold exclusively through the company's educational consultants, so you can't order toys on line, but you can review their product line here.

Empire Toys
Home of Grand Champions and Big Wheel, among others.

Ertl Toys
Die cast miniatures including John Deere tractors, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Theodore Tugboat. This is a great site for collectors, but there's not nearly enough of the kind of information parents want to know before making a purchase.

Home of the Little People. Find Play Tips, a great search engine, a playground with animated product demonstrations, a gift registry, and everything you ever wanted to know about Fisher-Price toys on this site.

FX Schmid
Puzzles and games. Browse and order online.

Home of Pound Puppies, Treasure Trolls, Micro Machines, MIB, Star Wars, and Starship Troopers merchandise. You can order limited quantities of select toys directly from Galoob at "real world prices." There's even a Rose DeWitt Bukater doll for the serious Titanic fan.

Stuffed animals. Looking for a cuddly Curious George? Find out about him and the other toys, send a few postcards, or find online retailers on this web site.

Hands On Toys
Home of Toobers&Zots. You'll find info about the company, its toys, and where to purchase -- one way is via hot links to online toy stores like eToys and Red Rocket.

Looking for Furby, Small Soldiers, Batman, Star Wars or GI Joe? What about Monopoly, Scrabble or an Easy Bake Oven? You'll find information here, and you can order GI Joe stuff online.

This site is under construction. When I visited, there were contests, postcards, and links to online retailers, but no product descriptions!

Learning Curve
Home of Thomas the Tank Engine Railway, Robotix, and Lamaze Infant Development toys. You'll find information about the company, the product line, and retailers near you. There's also a Parent's Club Online Newsletter, but you have to be willing to part with lots of personal information to sign up for it.

Home of Lego, Duplo, Scala. Everything you ever wanted to know about the little building blocks, and then some. There's also a detailed information section for parents and a special gamezone for kids of all ages, the Web Club.

Little Tikes
You'll find information on their long lasting products, including toys for kids with special needs, along with online buying info and the location of your nearest Little Tikes retailer. You can also enter their holiday contest for the chance to win their Victorian Mansion. And for those of you who have horror stories about staying up late to put together those "Some Assembly Required" type of gifts, they even give you online assembly instructions!

You have to go through a lot of hoops to get to any meaty information on this site, but if someone in your house collects little cars, it's worth a visit. You can order online via a link to the Mattel Store.

Every vehicle is pictured and you can order online, or follow the links to major retailers that carry Nylint toys.

Ohio Art Company
Home of Etch-a-Sketch, Betty Spaghetty (yes, it's misspelled on purpose) and Rock-n-Barf. You can download an Etch-a-Sketch screensaver, and find out all about their toy line, including a product called "The Snot-a-Lotter." Don't think that one will be under my tree this year.

Pedal and battery operated toy vehicles. Find product information and a list of authorized dealers. Once you've purchased a product, you can refer to the website for wiring and parts diagrams.

Home of playhouses and other equipment that set up (and later store flat) in seconds. I wish this site had a better design and more info, because several of thier products will be under my tree this year. It's confusing to navigate, and the only information given is a picture of the toy, a short blurb, the UPC code, and a list of stores and catalogs (some with 800 numbers and some with web addresses, but not links) that carry the toys.

You'll find a little of the company's philosophy and pictures of some of the toys, but not much else.

If you are looking for a little red wagon just like the one you had as a child, this is the place to go. Each product is pictured and described briefly, and there is an additional section on safety features. For online ordering, search for the link to It's not on every page.

See the selection of huggable stuffed animals, find links to online retailers, consult the psychic monkey (great for stress relief!).

Toy Max
Mighty Mo's, Creepy Crawlies, Precious Metals. The graphics are great, but there's not any more information on the products at this site than you could glean from a 30-second TV commercial. You can find out where to buy the toys, plus find out about contests for free toys.

Sassy Baby
Infant and toddler toys. Find out about the product line, learn a little about child development, and ask questions in the Parents' Forum.

Home of the Angel fish Rocker. The website doesn't include the whole product line, but it does give you just the information you need for the ones online -- a good description and a suggested retail price. One plus, they make it incredibly easy for you to communicate with them -- there's a feedback form of some sort just about everywhere.

Today's Kids
Home of Midnight Mustang. You get just the bare bones on this website -- but the information they do give is exactly what you need -- the features of the toy you want, its suggested retail price, where to buy, and what the experts and toy award panels have to say.

The official home of Beanie Babies. Probably the most popular toy-related site on the web. You can't order online, but you can see photos of your favorite Beanies, find out how to join the Beanie Baby Official Club, and communicate with other enthusiasts though the Beanie Connection.

There aren't too many fancy add-ons at this site, but you can order slides and accessories online. There's also a message board for collectors to exchange old slides.

Vtech - Electronic Toys and Learning Aids.
Just basic information about the product, but no additional info on where to buy, suggested retail price, etc.

Toy Safety Information

Circle Time article - Super Safe Toy Tips from an Over-Protective Mom

Circle Time's Child Safety Links

Consumer Product Safety Commission
If you don't look at any other toy safety information, please look through the CPSC's recalls in both the toy and children's product categories. The items listed are actually or potentially dangerous to your children.

Toy Injury Fact Sheet
The National Safe Kids Campaign outlines what makes some toys dangerous and gives ideas for injury prevention.

Child Secure's Toy Safety Information
This is an excellent, detailed list of what to look out for and how to prevent injury.

Fun Play Safe Play
These guidelines from the American Toy Institute will help you choose safe toys for your child.

Toy Manufacturers of America
This website has toy safety information, toy industry publications and guidelines, and listings of TMA member companies.

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