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General Parenting Sites

Parents Cafe exists to provide parents with a relaxing, fun and informative community network. Our objective is to lift the mask that surrounds parenthood and "to get real" about what being a parent means.

ParenthoodWeb is an interactive parenting, pregnancy, and family community for parents and prospective parents.

ABC's of Parenting is a great place to find links to other parenting sites on the web. Their categories are well-organized, and you can find a link to just about anything.

ParentsPlace -- the Parent-Helping-Parent Community Center on the web. Another interactive sight where you can find experts as well as all types of parents.

The Labor of Love is a comprehensive pregnancy and parenting site. I'd wish I'd known about them during my pregnancies!

Let's Get it Together: Time Management and Organizing Solutions for Busy Parents. FREE weekly ezine, articles,links, and message boards.

Spilt Milk - A unique and intelligent online parenting e-zine from the perspective that parenting is not easy and often emotionally chaotic. This one of the few honest examinations of the realities of parenting on the net today!

The Mining Company's Parenting of k-6 Children features a well-organized selection of quality links for parents.

The Family Corner -- giving "time out" a new meaning. Stressed out? The Family Corner is a soothing site with humor, parenting tips, feature articles, recipes. Just about anything you need to get you ready to be a superparent again.

My ParenTime aims to inform, educate, & entertain. Not only for women and parents... there is information of interest to everyone.

Ask the Experts -- sites from recognized leaders in child development

Parenting Q&A answers all your parenting questions with the highest-quality information from experts in the field. Unlike other sites that answer only one question a week, Parenting Q&A guarantees every question gets an answer.

ParentPartners - your key to personalized, fact-based guidance about your child's development, from prenatal to 5 years of age.

Mainly for Moms

WomanLinks is a supportive and empowering community for women in any possible role throughout a lifetime. The aim of WomanLinks is to support the belief that wherever you are in your life's journey, you are okay.

The Cyber Mom.Com is a chatty, informal place, with a big welcome mat out on the front porch and information and interaction in every room of the house.

Mom's Life is the place for moms to meet in cyberspace. This community of women built by moms for moms features advice, chat, message boards, an online zine, and the support of women around the world.

The Second Wives Club A dynamic online community for second wives & stepmoms worldwide.

Myria offers support, information, and resources for women who share the essential bond of motherhood.

Midlife Mommies - resources and support for first time mothers over 35 and women starting second families. Enjoy the personal stories that surround the joys and problems of later in life parenting.

The Working Mom's Internet Refuge

Mom's Home The One Stop Resource For All Moms & Moms' Only Web Design

Mainly for Dads

Father's World promotes and celebrates fatherhood and family as the leading source of information, resources, support and education for all types of fathers and their families. The online resource for Stay At Home Dads (SAHDs)

Parenting Styles and Discipline

The Natural Child Project Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion. In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust.

The Kidz Are People. Too! Page On this site you will find information about caring for infants and toddlers in a responsive, gentle manner.

Parents As Teachers National Center Parents as Teachers [PAT] is an internationally respected family education and support program for parents with children from birth through age 5. We've been a PAT family for seven years now.



The 'M' Word A parenting humor magazine that celebrates the less-than-graceful moments of parenting. The "M" Word honors real moms (and dads) with real problems, real kids, and real spouses, who sometimes are a real pain.

Naptime Notes Liz Soutar's wry and insightful essays about a mom's life are sure to make you smile.

The Real Mom Club Satirical forum for mothers to cope with kids through stories, animation, cartoons and other features related to child parenting episodes.

Education, School, and Homework Help

Family Education Network The Family Education Network's mission is to help parents help their children succeed. It provides parents with the information and resources they need to actively participate in their children's learning process.

InfoGranny's Links for Young Writers InfoGranny offers topics, research, writing, and publishing links for K-12 students.

Homeschool World contains articles, lists of homeschooling organizations and conventions, Homeschool Mall, help, back issues, and much more!

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