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November 1998
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This Issue's Book Review Theme:
Doggone It! Crime-Fighting Canines and Other Top Dogs. Has puppy love struck someone in your house? Come meet a talking dog, a policeman's helper, a dog that will never soil your carpet, and other examples of a kid's best friend.
By Kathy Bennett

Toys to Spark Your Child's Imagination
Looking for a toy that doesn't have it's own TV show, video, or breakfast cereal? We've found three that will ignite your child's creative genius.
By Kathy Bennett

Super-Safe Toy Tips from an Over-Protective Mom
What should you do before you ever bring a toy home? Why should you pay attention to age recommendations on toy packaging? Where do you go to find out if a toy in your house is dangerous? We have the answers right here.
By Kathy Bennett

Circle Time's Guide to Toy Shopping
Can you really do all your toy shopping without leaving home? What is Little Tikes up to now? Just what is a Furby, anyway? How do you know if a toy is safe? Our super section of annotated links will take you to online toy stores, toy manufacturers, and toy safety information.

Readers Share: Favorite Books from Childhood
See what books our readers liked best when they were kids, and what books they like best for their own kids now.

CONTEST!!! - Win a $10 Gift Certificate!
Remember Tickle Me Elmo? How about Cabbage Patch Dolls? What will be this season's hottest toy? Send us your predictions, and we'll enter you in our Circle Time contest. Read more details and contest rules.

Time Is Running Out!
Guest Reviewers Wanted!

We'd like to include reviews of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa books in our December Holiday issue. If you celebrate either of these holidays and have a favorite holiday picture book you'd like to recommend, we invite you send us the title of the book, the author, and your own review! You'll win fifteen minutes of fame and the chance to share your traditions with other Circle Time readers. Please email your review to

Next Issue - December 1998:
REVIEWS - the best Christmas books
Our readers' favorite Hanukkah and Kwanzaa books
FEATURES - terrific toys for under $10
Make the holidays special for your family
RESOURCES - Guide to Holiday Shopping
New links to holiday-related websites
READERS SHARE - the hottest toys
CONTEST - favorite fictional characters

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