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September 1998
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This Issue's Book Review Theme:
Back to School
Lilly, Froggy, and the gang at Diffendoofer School are just a few of the folks featured in our reviews of our favorite books about one of our favorite places.
By Kathy Bennett

Math Attack
How the fastest way to teach your child math may be through her stomach, and other ideas for introducing numbers to your child. Includes reviews of three of our favorite counting books, plus a fantastic book for parents about teaching basic math to children.
By Kathy Bennett

The First Day of School
What's the most important thing your child needs to know about the first day of school? Our July Contest winner shares her words of wisdom.

CONTEST!!! - Win a $10 Gift Certificate!
In honor of Children's Book Week, November 16-22, we want to find out about your favorite books! Tell us what children's picture book you cherished most from your childhood, and why, and we'll enter you in our Circle Time contest. If you win, you can use the $10 gift certificate to buy that special book. Read more details and contest rules.

Circle Time Wins More Awards!
Circle Time e-zine is proud to have won the Childfun Award this month, and to have been picked for a Hot Site of the Day at TheCyberMom.Com.


Next Issue - October 1998:
REVIEWS: Trick or Treat! -- some not-so-scary books for Halloween
REVIEWS: The Pumpkin Patch -- you won't find any ghosts or goblins in these harvest-time books
RESOURCE: Author/Illustrator Websites -- want to learn more about the authors and illustrators of books featured in Circle Time?

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