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Family Vacations
For our June 1998 Circle Time Contest, we asked readers to tell us about their ideal family vacation. This page features responses from Shelley Keith, Angela Jacobs, Diane Pollock, Ann Marie Hickey, and Nicol Huntington.
The winner of our June 1998 Circle Time Contest is Shelley Keith!
Here is Shelley's description of an ideal family vacation: My ideal family vacation would be to go to Disney World in Florida! We have been talking about taking this vacation for the past 4 years. We plan to do this for our 10th wedding anniversary! We are going as a family for 5 to 7 days and stay at one of the many wonderful resorts. We would spend part of the day visiting the sights and riding the attractions with the children (two boys) and at night we would be able to go out without the children and spend time together as a couple. I would love to enroll in a class at the Disney Institute. Try something I've never done before, such as rock climbing! I want to have breakfast with Minnie and Mickey Mouse and see Cinderella's Castle all lit up at night! There are so many things to do, I know I would be so overwhelmed! It is something we have talked about for so long... I know I would be in AWE for the first day or so!
Shelley's Choice of Books Featured in CT: I Love You The Purplest!
Shelley's Favorite Book for Kids: Ottie and the Star

(Shelley's contest entry was randomly selected from the entries that we chose for publication, and she has been awarded the prize: a $10 gift certificate for purchase of books, tapes, or CDs from Check out our July 1998 Contest!)
Angela Jacobs
Ideal family vacation: Disneyland, close enough for the family to get to easily, a few hours away by car, enjoyable for all, and my "kids" are adults! But--I do have small grandchildren, and they too will soon be old enough for Disneyland. It keeps us all young.
Choice of Books Featured in CT: The Monster Bed
Favorite Book for Kids: Any Winnie the Pooh

Diane Pollock
Ideal family vacation: I would like to go to the ocean. I would swim and look for treasure with our metal detector. I would also like to play golf, fish and go to Disney World. Horse back riding would be fun too! I might not even have time to read the book with all this stuff!
Choice of Books Featured in CT: New Twists on Old Tales
Favorite Book for Kids: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Anne Marie Hickey
Ideal family vacation: I am the mother of three wonderful children. Amanda my eldest is 8, no excuse me, 8 1/2, as I am always reminded. George is stuck in the middle at 4, and the newest edition is Cody James, 4 months. My ideal vacation with these cherubs would be to Lake George NY. Now some may say why? Why not Disney or overseas? Anyone in my opinion who would take a four month old to Disney in the summer, or overseas, would need a vacation after the vacation. Lake George offers fun for everyone, it is not a looooong trip, the amusement park Great Escape has rides suitable for all. Nothing but FUN!! One last thing, I would love a Mommy's helper so that each child could get individual attention, alternating with Mommy, Daddy, and helper.
Choice of Books Featured in CT: The Jolly Postman
Favorite Book for Kids: Jump Frog Jump

Nicol Huntington
Ideal family vacation: Well, I'm just about to take it... My husband, daughter, and I are driving across country, moving from Maine to California, where my family lives. I have travelled cross-country before, and always enjoy getting to see how other people live, as well as taking in the scenery. I'll finally get to see Chicago outside of O'Hare, and we will be driving through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and spectacular eastern Utah. I love photography, and intend to stock up on film prior to leaving. We'll also be stopping at nearly every zoo and children's museum along the way, which should be very interesting and fun. Plus, we know that, at the end of our trip, we'll finally be able to participate in all those fun family get-togethers that we have missed out on over the last three years!!!
Choice of Books Featured in CT: "More, More, More," Said the Baby
Favorite Book for Kids: Many Moons by James Thurber

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