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What I Did On My Summer Vacation
          Summer is a great time for kids' craft projects -- you can do the messy ones outside! My kids love to cut, glue, glitter, draw and paint, and the beat-up old picnic table on our deck makes a wonderful worktable for masterpieces in progress. When everything's done, we just hose off the studio!
          I will be the first to admit that my artistic abilities fall somewhere just beyond "trace around your hand and make a turkey." I can also trace little hands to make reindeer antlers, flower petals, and "I love you" in sign language. What I can't do is turn ordinary lasagna into a fleet of toy airplanes or turn paper towel tubes into a fairy tale castle.
          Until now.
          Family Fun Magazine has published Disney's Family Fun Crafts, which features 500 creative activities for you and your kids to try this summer. Each project has a list of materials, step-by step instructions, and color photos of the finished product. There's even a glossary for folks like me who don't know Form-Cor from oak tag. Most of the projects are so easy and the instructions so complete, even I can do them! In fact, one Christmas not long ago I made the thumbprint reindeer cards featured on page 245 (maybe this year I'll get around to sending them). Just think what your child can do with your supervision!
          My daughter is planning to decorate her room with the candles from pages 98 through 103. We might just be able to pull it off. The book includes tips for melting wax and a list of places to get candle making supplies. Interspersed throughout the book are interesting little factoids. Did you know that one of the wonders at the 1897 Stockholm exhibition was a giant candle 80 feet high?
          To get this book, request Disney's Family Fun Crafts, ISBN 0786863048 from your library or order it from your local bookstore. If you want to order it online, you can get it from the Family Fun website or order it from Check out the prices at both places; when I got it, it was cheaper to order from Amazon.
          If you'd like some free craft project ideas, including some from Family Fun Magazine, check out our Kids' Crafts Links.
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