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The Best Magazines for Parents
          Maybe you had lots of younger siblings. Maybe you baby-sat a lot. Maybe you majored in child development in college. I didn't. Before I had my first child, I had never even held a newborn. And you could just forget about diaper-changing. With my mom over a thousand miles away, where could I turn for child-rearing advice?
          It's amazing, but the folks who publish parenting magazines had somehow got wind of my predicament. By the time I'd reached my third trimester, my mailbox was overflowing with subscription offers. I analyzed each offer, perused the contents of past issues, and narrowed it down to my final choice -- the one with the cutest baby on the cover.
          More subscription offers came. My sister-in-law gave us a year's subscription to a religious-oriented parenting magazine. I found a few prospects on one of my many trips to the family practice group we subsidize (you put two weary adults and four incredibly active kids in a small house and see how many doctor visits you have). I think I've read at least one issue of every parenting magazine there is. The best ones are listed for you below.
Kathy Bennett

Your basic, all the latest news for parents magazine
          Should my baby sleep on his tummy or on his back? How can I tell if my toddler is really sick or if it's just a virus? Does my four year old really need a car seat? Should I hold my child back a year in school? Do those phonics and math teaching programs really work? To answer questions like these, parents need a good source of up-to-date information. Two parenting magazines that do an excellent job of delivering this information right to your mail box are Child Magazine and Parents Magazine, which happen to be published by the same company. To choose which one suits you best, check out their websites -- Child Magazine and Parents Magazine.
Family Fun
          Sometimes I read a magazine and clip out an article or two. If that magazine is Family Fun, I save the entire issue! Every month Family Fun delivers hundreds of great ideas. There are tips on traveling with kids and family-friendly vacation destinations, recipes for foods that kids will enjoy making and eating, and crafts that don't require you to have the expertise of a Martha Stewart but that turn out looking as if you did. My favorite parts of the magazine are the feature articles on seasonal celebrations and birthday parties that are easy for parents and fun for kids. To subscribe, check out the Family Fun website.
Christian Parenting Today
          Part of my duty as a parent is to pass on my beliefs to my children. Christian Parenting Today helps me do just that. Every two months, CPT delivers articles on spiritual, moral, and character development. There are also columns like "Everyday Dad," by John Trent and "Mom's Journal," by Elisa Morgan, as well as columns on single parenting and marriage strengthening. CPT doesn't have a website, but you can get subscription information by writing to: Christian Parenting Today, Fulfillment, P.O. Box 469090, Escondido CA, 92046-9090, USA. [7/16/98 - Christian Parenting Today now has a website at]

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