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January 1999
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This Issue's Book Review Theme:
Introducing the Old Favorites: The First Appearances Of Kids' Favorite Literary Characters. Babar. Curious George. Froggy. Winnie the Pooh. These popular characters have endeared themselves to millions of children. Here are the first book appearances of these and many more of our favorite fictional characters.
By Kathy Bennett

Readers Share: Favorite Fictional Characters. Our December Contest asked readers to tell us their favorite fictional characters from children's books. Here are their answers!

Special Section: Features for WAHMs (Work at Home Moms)

So You Want to Be a WAHM, Ma'am? My first year as a web-based work-at-home mom.
by Kathy Bennett

Our Best Advice: Business Women on the Web share their Tips for Success

Work at Home Resource Links Our favorite sites for online communities, business advice, web design, site promotion, and more. Some are aimed primarily at WAHMs, but most will be helpful for anyone interested in working from home.

NEW! Circle Time Mini Mall Now Open!
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CONTEST!!! - Win a $10 Gift Certificate!
Friendship: Tell us the best thing a friend has ever done for you, and we'll enter you in our Circle Time contest for a chance to win a gift certificate for your *friend*! Read more details and contest rules.

Next Issue- February 1999:
REVIEWS - A Friend Is... books about the ups and downs of friendship
REVIEWS - Will You Be Mine? two great books to share on Valentine's Day
ARTICLE - How Do I Love Thee?
RESOURCE - updated Author and Illustrator Links
READERS SHARE - kindness of friends
CONTEST - From Only Child to Older Child - what's the best way to ease the transition when the new baby comes?
- The Circle Time Family Friendly award
- The Circle Time Family Favorites award

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